• Eliot Phillips

    Eliot Phillips

    Hardware hacker/Web producer, Head editor emeritus for http://t.co/BmgkV6rtrM, Loves medium t-shirts.

  • Mikhail Davidov

    Mikhail Davidov

  • Myriam Joire

    Myriam Joire

    Tech pundit. Former editor at Engadget. I blog about mobile. I hack stuff. I’m a developer. I’m queer.

  • آخرین نینجا ۲

    آخرین نینجا ۲

    ‏Indie Game Developer, etc. Tweets are both in En and Fa. ‏آنچه هرگز شرح نتوان کرد یعنی حال من

  • pty


  • Nathan Herring

    Nathan Herring

  • Samaritan


    #Samaritan. #VehicleSafety. Making America's roads safe through information and inspiration while saving money in the process.

  • Genessa Ottomann

    Genessa Ottomann

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